Ryan Sam Turner is an author, poet, and formerly a musician, from Edinburgh, Scotland.

'Born' is his first novel, published in 2021 by Balladeer Books and has received significant acclaim.

His debut poetry book 'My Absolute Heart' was published in 2022, again by Balladeer Books. 

He has previously recorded music under his own name, and also the pseudonym 'Grand Disaster'. 

Ryan has had poems published in numerous anthologies and magazines globally, and has garnered a strong following online, as well as receiving praise from the following artists: Simone Felice, Willy Vlautin, Anthony Gonzalez (M83), Joey Burns (Calexico), Kishi Bashi. 

On a personal note, Ryan openly struggles with his mental health and it often features as a subject in his work. He enjoys discussing this with like-minded individuals, in the hope of helping each other in some way. So, don't refrain from getting in touch. 

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, spending time with his family, and walking around Edinburgh. 

His favourite book is 'The Saturday Night Ghost Club' by Craig Davidson. He urges everyone to read it.