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Born - A Novel - Paperback

Born - A Novel - Paperback

£8.99 Regular Price
£4.99Sale Price

'BORN' the debut novel from Ryan Sam Turner. 


Published by Balladeer Books, 2021.

Printed and bound by CPI Books, Croydon. 



Mark and Sarah have everything they’ve ever wanted. With a baby boy on the way, all of their dreams are finally coming true. But the world has other plans for them. Soon the idyll is ripped from under their feet, and both are left to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.


As Sarah falls into the abyss of a deep depression, Mark struggles to keep things together. Then life throws yet another curveball, leaving Mark not only heartbroken and distraught, but without a source of income. And just when he thinks there’s nothing else to lose, Sarah proves that so much more is at stake.


Battling his losses while trying to make sense of dreams that seem far too real, Mark is faced with a choice that rocks the foundations of reality as he knows it. Will tragedy separate him from those he loves, or will his heart show him another path?


10% of each book sold goes directly to the charity SANDS (Scottish Charity Registration Number SC042789)


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